«Beyond comfort and functionality, which meet the needs of the human body, we should also consider the satisfaction of the human soul. And for this pourpose we only have one tool: beauty.» Joaquin Anton

Master’s Degree in Architecture from ETSAB Barcelona and Project Manager Degree from Escola Sert,  Joaquin Anton is an architect expert in residential architecture.

He has been developing his passion as an architect for more than 20 years and putting his design skills in collaborative links at different levels.

Already from his early collaborations with Pau Roig and with Esteban Gasulla, he was in charge of the design of Social Housing Projects for the first, and Conceptual Projects of Residential Condominums all over the world for the second.

In 2010 he launched NEAR as a flexible team methodology that will create collaborative associations and transversal links in order to develop his conception of architecture.

Under these premises Joaquin Anton has embarked on philosophical-theoretical adventures and architectural competitions with colleagues Claudio Pirillo and Javier Luri; has developed projects in Croatia and Barcelona together with Javier Luri and Natalija Bajs (Krear); has taken part in Rafa Nadal Academy project with David Iglesias; and from 2015 has been in charge of the design and execution of exclusive residential projects in association with developer Valgreen, becoming for five years head of its department of architecture.

At the present time NEAR by Joaquin Anton is developing residential buildings in alliance with LOVHOMS, and facing new challenges in integral refurbishments of traditional apartments of our beloved Barcelona.


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